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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nativity Story 2

This past Friday evening I took my wife & 10 year old daughter to the movies. We were able to watch Night at the Museum and The Nativity Story and both were very good films. Night at the Museum exceeded my expectations and The Nativity Story easily lived up to it's own. We all enjoyed them.

The next day, my daughter and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping. While in the car we were talking about the movies we had seen the previous day. She was lamenting on The Nativity Story and saying how much she enjoyed the film. She said she would love to see the movie again, and then followed that thought up with: "I think they should make a Nativity Story 2".

After recovering from my double take and "what!?!?!" response, I told her that it wasn't possible. Jesus, God's Son, was born of Mary's virgin womb only once. It's one of those things that will only happen once in history and never again. After all, Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection was sufficient once, for all. God no longer has a need for another covert mission like it.

The father/daughter relationship is so much fun :)


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