I Think I Think

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part of the Problem

I think part of my problem is TOO many blogs... I mean really, as a father of 2 (soon to be three), working fulltime, etc... how should I expect to maintain 4+ blogs??? A little overzealous I think :)

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Well, the New Year looks like it's bringing some changes for me... at least so far. I'm back posting here and it's less than a month or year later :P Not that I have much to write as far as thoughts, but this is something, right? Hopefully future entries are more interesting than this.

Oh, how about this... you know you live in MN when you come back from a 2 week vacation and your garage door is frozen to the ground! Yep, that was me. We returned from vacation in Mexico this past Friday and I tried to open the garage door and it would not budge... in fact, the opener was set so strong that it pulled the anchoring bolts right from the door and the chain ran freely. I spent part of Saturday deicing and fixing the door. Good times in MN!

I think I love living in MN :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Over a year...

I think taking a whole year to write a new entry here is really not blogging @ all. It's rather pathetic, perhaps I can do a little better in the coming year ;)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Time, Time, Time

With everything that consumes our days, I've found that I have far too many things available to me that can take up my time. My wife, my brand new daughter, my eldest daughter... these are the "things" that really should be taking up my time. Instead, I find myself working extra hours, putting in extra effort @ my 9-5er. Wasting time messing around with one of my web sites, ItsJustLooks.com. Balancing my check book and other accounts. Doing laundry, snow removal... the list just keeps going on and on. I don't even take the time to blog any more... until this entry anyway. I used to blog every day on several blogs on Xanga. I ran a daily poetry blog, a movie review blog and then just a plain personal blog. Now my "free" time is taken by the new little bundle of joy. However, I start thinking of that statement and I wonder... should my time spent with my family be my "free" time or should it be my "best" time.... hmm... food for thought.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nativity Story 2

This past Friday evening I took my wife & 10 year old daughter to the movies. We were able to watch Night at the Museum and The Nativity Story and both were very good films. Night at the Museum exceeded my expectations and The Nativity Story easily lived up to it's own. We all enjoyed them.

The next day, my daughter and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping. While in the car we were talking about the movies we had seen the previous day. She was lamenting on The Nativity Story and saying how much she enjoyed the film. She said she would love to see the movie again, and then followed that thought up with: "I think they should make a Nativity Story 2".

After recovering from my double take and "what!?!?!" response, I told her that it wasn't possible. Jesus, God's Son, was born of Mary's virgin womb only once. It's one of those things that will only happen once in history and never again. After all, Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection was sufficient once, for all. God no longer has a need for another covert mission like it.

The father/daughter relationship is so much fun :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

High Quality Entertainment

I've come to a conclusion. I think I work in the best office environment around. I've had this thought in the past, but it was rekindled yesterday afternoon. It started with a challenge to do 500 continuous "arm bends". The motion is the same as a weightlifters curl, but without weight. The place started buzzing like an underground fight club with betting amounts flying through the stuffy air of our office space. The rules were set and the bet was on. They agreed to have the event the following day... so here we are.

It's go time and all the bets are in. The competition field has increased and now there one guy doing 500 in an unlimited amount of time, but it has to be without stopping... another is attempting to do 2500 in under 60 minutes. The actual event went off without too much excitement, perhaps it was because it was too easy to accomplish the goal... but it sure was fun watching all the ruckus.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Mr. Goodwrench

I did my best impersonation of Mr. Goodwrench yesterday. My car was running very "hard" and seemed to be "missing". Which meant to me that one of the spark plugs was failing or something related like that. Several weeks ago I picked up some new plugs intending to replace mine; however, I just never got around to it. Actually I had started to do it about a week ago and realized it was a much bigger job than I expected. Not that it's hard to replace plugs, but in my Subaru it's a bit difficult to get to the plugs. Well, with all that said it turned out the problem was not my plugs specifically, but one of the plug wires which was bad. So, I ended up swapping out all the plugs AND the wires. Now my Subaru purrs like a kitten.

Even though I was very pleased with the results of my day as a mechanic, I don't think it's time for a career change.