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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

High Quality Entertainment

I've come to a conclusion. I think I work in the best office environment around. I've had this thought in the past, but it was rekindled yesterday afternoon. It started with a challenge to do 500 continuous "arm bends". The motion is the same as a weightlifters curl, but without weight. The place started buzzing like an underground fight club with betting amounts flying through the stuffy air of our office space. The rules were set and the bet was on. They agreed to have the event the following day... so here we are.

It's go time and all the bets are in. The competition field has increased and now there one guy doing 500 in an unlimited amount of time, but it has to be without stopping... another is attempting to do 2500 in under 60 minutes. The actual event went off without too much excitement, perhaps it was because it was too easy to accomplish the goal... but it sure was fun watching all the ruckus.


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